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Food Games

While Mom’s cooking dinner, you can whip up some meals of your own. Whatever you like to eat, you can cook it here. Grill up some burgers, flip some dough and bake a pizza, make a nice Italian dinner for two and don’t forget dessert. Bake a cake and invent some ice cream creations to go with it. If you don’t think you can eat it all yourself, try making some money by serving up some hot food to hungry customers in the restaurant games. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the games to complete recipes from simple sandwiches to ethnic cuisine. Learn what herbs and spices are used to flavor different dishes and how to peel and slice ingredients. See how long it takes to cook the perfect juicy chicken or bake a dense, moist cake. Whether you are a future chef, pastry chef, baker or you just love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen there are lots of games here that show you how to dice, mix, cook and bake your favorite foods, and maybe some you’ve never tried.